Goji Leaf Tea

Nutrition Facts and Benefits of Goji Leaf

As goji leaves come from goji trees, so naturally goji leaves inherit a lot of medicinal benefits from these trees.


For every 100g fresh goji leaves, it contains 8 gram sugar, calcium 15.6 mg, phosphor 67 mg, iron 3.4 mg, beta-carotene 0.23 mg, Vitamin B12 3 mg, nicotinic acid 1.7 mg, and Vitamin C 3mg. Mostly importantly it contains lycine, sitosterol, linolic acid, and several animo acids. Therefore it contains more nutrients than ordinary vegetable. In China, there is a tradition to eat goji leaves to improve one's eyesight.

How to Make Goji Leaf Tea?

Take 1-1.5g goji leaf tea in a Cup, steep the tea with boiling water until the water rises just over the tea, then pour out the water from the cup at once(activation).Steep the tea with 150ml boiling water again and wait for about 5 minutes.Then drink the tea.

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