Black Goji Berries (Black Wolf Berries)

How to Use?

Directly eat or put into tea, water (70℃ ) , wine or porridge for drinking or eating. It is advisable to have 20g on a daily basis. You may add or reduce the amount depending on your specific situation.
After the black goji berries are put into warm water, you will find romantic bluish violet being diffused, because it contains rich OPC.

Black wolfberry enjoys a good geographical location, an altitude of 3000 meters, strong solar radiation and sunshine up to 3600 hours. Distributed in the mountain sand forest, saline sand, along the banks of rivers, dry river beds, desert riparian forest, it is recognized as the unique medicinal desert plants in western area of China.

As black wolfberry grows WILDLY in extremely tough environment (barren, riverbed and sand) where human being could hardly survive, it has been endowed with superb powerful vitality.

Health Benefits of Black Goji Berry 
1) Contain powerful anti-oxidant which keeps young, energetic and extends life, being effective in inhibiting the wrinkles. 
2) Be effective in improving the symptoms like soreness and weakness of waist and knees, dizziness and eyes dimming 
3) Calm the nerves and improve the sleeping quality dramatically. 
4) Replenish vital essence to improve eyesight 
5) Lower cholesterol, lose weight 
6) Improve blood circulation, enhance the fragile artery and improve artery flexibility—be effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and inhibiting tumor growth 
7) Nourish liver and kidney, normalize blood pressure 
8) Boost immunity and effective in anti-fatigue. 
9) Be effective to serve as Chinese medicine ingredient for heart heat disease, heart attack, irregular menstruation, menolipsis. 
10) Be effective in curing urethral calculus, gum bleeding

Thanks to its green, unique and natural ecological environment, Black wolfberry is gaining increasing popularity across the world for its exceptionally high medicinal value. As black wolfberry are wild plants (without any human factors in cultivation) and the sources are very rare and valuable, the price stays very high.

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